Branche and Marine Manager,

Navigators Underwriting Ltd.

Country Manager, 

AGCS Netherlands

HR manager,

AIG Europe Ltd

worked with Eef during my role as HR manager of AIG Europe Ltd. Eef is one of the few people that knows the market and the specific roles in this market. There are a lot of recuiters but in the Insurance branche you need people who are familiar with the branche and understand the needs. Next to that Eef is creative to come with out of the box solutions. If you work in insurance and you are looking for someone with a no nonsense approach that can help you with recruitment I recomment Eef.

Here at Navigators Underwriting Ltd,  we have worked well with Eef a number of times to recruit staff members for various roles. Navigators is a growing insurer in the Dutch Marine and Financial Lines insurance sector. Eef has an excellent network and was able to provide us with a number of suitable candidates to interview at very short notice. Eef has a very responsive and clear way of communicating which I appreciate. She is also a very pleasant person to deal with and we look forward to her visits.

On various occasions I worked with Eef in order to fulfill a vacancy. The objective was fairly simple; find the right persons to execute the job. What differentiates Eef from her peers; acted diligently, thorough knowledge of the market but above all a professional business partner with strong opinions.