Eef Prince Verhagen
About Prince Executive Search


With over 10 years of experience in the international banking and insurance industry we have been able to build a strong network and we have the ability to consult on te most rare and exclusive positions. In this relatively small market we know how to operate with discretion.

We have a strong presence and network in the US and international markets. 

We aim to build long-term business relationships with our clients. Since we are focused solely on the financial service industry, our reputation is our only meaningful currency. We are committed to completing each assignment we take on with the intention of developing a long-term partnership based on satisfaction and success.


Eef was born and raised in The Netherlands but has been living in New York since 2015.

Her extensive background in Recruitment, including over 10 years in Banking & Insurance, and great knowledge of the market make her a strong professional business partner. With all her clients, she constantly knows how to be practical and diligent while responsive and explicit. These qualities allowed her to develop a vast portfolio over the years and establish her own Financial Services Recruitment firm, with a specialty in Insurance. She prides herself to have successfully completed placements at various levels of seniority and to have built an exclusive relationship with many of her clients, made possible by her determination for quality and respect.

Eef is a very outgoing person who enjoys networking and lives the exciting New York City life.

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